Past Life Regression and Therapy

Your past life experiences are not in some place far away - they are right here, part of your present reality, much of which you are unaware of, and the experiences that you had in those lives have helped to shape how you are now. The you that was living those past lives is not some other person - it was you, and is you - the you that you are now, who is reading these words. Even when we accept past lives in our minds, it's hard to accept the reality of it in the same way that we accept the reality of the present moment.

Indeed, to some degree, the way that you see things now and the instinctive way that you respond to situations in the present were formed in earlier times because there is only a slightly broken continuity in the lives that you live.

Since all of your past experiences are, in a sense, still present in your consciousness, re-experiencing them is not in itself a difficult process - many people have had a sense of deja-vu at various times or had spontaneous flashbacks or recollections - what is important is that you are working with someone whom you can trust to guide you through the major events of an entire lifetime.

Since most of our real learning is through experience rather than through our intellects, the way that we experience and respond to events shapes how we experience ourselves and our lives subsequently.

If you are strongly drawn to explore a past life for no apparent reason, if you are subject to 'flashbacks' or are oversensitive to certain situations, if you are in pain or discomfort at some level and are quite certain that it did not originate during this lifetime, there is a high likelihood that you are carrying something from a previous life that you would benefit from healing and clearing. Often, we are drawn to exploring our past lives because the way things are in the present doesn't make a lot of sense - we don't understand it and may not be enjoying it very much. If the cause does not lie in this lifetime, it is probably in a previous one. Over many sessions, I have found it remarkable how one life flows into another - until you realise that it is the same person who is simply living through a series of lifetimes.