Cellular Healing

The energy of pain, distress, fear, abuse, or trauma continues to be held within the energies of the body unless it has been subsequently released.

Animals have instinctive ways of releasing such energies, of which we have, largely, lost touch. Trapped energy, which is the same as trapped, unresolved experience, feels uncomfortable and will eventually produce secondary symptoms for which we will be able to find no explanation. Not consciously aware of why we are the way we are, we carry on, adjust, compensate, do our best. Life is no longer the potentially joyful, fulfilling opportunity that it can be. It becomes a slog, an effort, and we may resort to all manner of diversions to distract ourselves. There are many types of therapies that seek to help us, some more useful than others.

We have three distinct levels of mind, of which the neocortex or thinking brain - the most recent development in evolutionary terms - is the part that we tend to identify with as being Who We Are. Virtually every process in our bodies, however, is controlled by the wonderful old, instinctive, part of our minds, which evolved over many millions of years. Most of our decisions and actions, even though we may agonise over them with our intellectual brains, are eventually decided by our instinctive minds. We think we're the tip of the iceberg, shining in the light of awareness, but the larger, submerged part of ourselves, largely unseen, is running most of the show.

Using the Feeling sense, which we are using all the time, but of which we are largely unaware - simply because we don't tend to give it direct attention - enables us to access the awareness and wisdom of our bodies. The Body is fully conscious of what it holds within itself and is fully capable of resolving and releasing old issues - even after we have 'forgotten' or think that we have buried them - when we approach them in the right way. We are working beyond the boundaries of our consciousness, which is exciting and revealing. Each recognition is followed by a shift of energy and consciousness as we change from within.

This is not an intellectual process, it's a transformational one. You feel different inside. You experience the outside world differently. Possibilities begin to reveal themselves. A new sense of optimism starts to arise. Life is more worth living. Your spirit begins to lift... and because this is coming out of YOU, rather than it being something that is done TO you, there is an emerging sense of empowerment. Over time, you increasingly feel less like someone who is struggling to get by and more who you really are.