The Gentle Power of Spiritual Healing

It is pervasive, present and available in all places, at all times, to all living beings under all circumstances... It fills all dimensions and levels of existence and of being, from the most lowly to the most high... It is a quality of essence, of spirit, and thus it is known as Spiritual Healing, along with many other labels... It is perceived to have many forms, and, yes, it does manifest is many ways, but, in reality, it is always itself, flowing wherever it is needed, aided and directed by conscious - or even unconscious - intent.

"But what is it?" the scientifically preconditioned mind feel compelled to ask. "But what is love? What is joy? What is compassion or feeling uplifted?" I feel I should reply.

We are immersed in qualities of spirit that are far beyond the understanding of science, which, dimly aware of the vastness of its non-understanding, seeks to busy itself with questions that have answers close at hand. The scientific mind necessarily relies on the use of the intellect - a formidable, though simple and potentially flawed part of our brains. Far beyond the limits of brain based processes, we are, in our very nature, beings of spirit and so, from the perspective of spirit, we can perceive and comprehend qualities of being that the intellectual mind is quite unable to deal with.

We can experience these qualities, work with them, nourish them, share them, give and receive them, without it being necessary to produce an intellectual explanation for them. We can comprehend and understand with parts of our being that do not require explanation. It is good to acknowledge life's mysteries, to wonder at the expanse of what we can comprehend but do not begin to understand; it does not limit our ability to appreciate them, live within them, move them or receive them, for at a deeper level, we simply know them for what they are.

It is said that we all have the ability to heal, and it is true; whenever we experience a cut or bruise, or something more serious, our own healing energy moves to repair the damage, orchestrated by our biological consciousness. When a child hurts itself, we instinctively put a hand near the wound and hold them tight, giving them healing through our caring and compassion without even thinking about it. If a friend is hurt or in pain, we instinctively reach out and touch them or put an arm around them. Even if we cannot touch, our heart will open and, through our love and compassion, our healing flows to them. This all happens naturally, even without conscious intent and happens whatever level the hurt of pain is being experienced on.

The ability of healers is that, through their own inner work, over a long period of time, they become more familiar with this tangible quality we call healing, and, as a result of their developing compassion and love for others, are able to consciously give healing to people or creatures that they may have only just met. As they become more able to open to the flow of healing, so the amount of healing energy that is able to flow becomes greater. It quickly becomes apparent to any novice healer that, if they "try" to heal, they use up their own energy and rapidly become depleted. Through opening to the Universal supply, unlimited amounts of healing become available, limited only by the ability of the healer to be an open channel... a feat that should never be underestimated! However, to receive healing is not to accept or expect a miracle 'cure', for the energies given will help you only in ways that are appropriate for you; it may, from your own highest perspective, be more important to heal your soul than your body.

Once we recognise that healing is, essentially, a Universal quality that we can guide or direct through love and compassionate intent, we become aware that we can begin to follow it back towards its source and, as we do so, the intensity increases - the light becomes brighter. It becomes more apparent that love is a Universal quality, rather than a personal one, and that, if anything, healing is an aspect or manifestation of what we may now refer to as Universal or Divine love. Thus, we reach a point where we can fairly consider healing to be, indeed, a "gift from God."